Our Well Together project is designed to help local people find ways to improve their health and wellbeing. Prior to Covid-19 the project took place inside the centre with face-to-face groups coming together to take part in activities such as yoga, creative writing, dancing, healthy eating, diabetes management and other supportive groups.

Since March 2020 things have been a little different with staff finding new ways of encouraging positive health choices through wellbeing calls and online activities.

In early 2021, following feedback from clients we sent out some wellbeing packs which included items to encourage positive actions such as a notebook and pen to help people write stories or keep a journal; a sachet of camomile tea, tea-light and relaxation tips for a moment of calm and mindfulness; a positive affirmation postcard for encouragement and a cress making kit to help people connect with growing and nature.

We understand that people may have been feeling lonely and isolated after a year of changing restrictions and multiple lockdowns, so we wanted to support people to take some time out, even just a few minutes a day, to focus on themselves as this has been shown to support improved mental wellbeing.

We received fabulous feedback from recipients, one of whom sent these kind words to us:

"Many thanks for the wellbeing pack which I received today whilst participating in the creative writing group. It is very much appreciated. I love to grow from seed even though I haven't got a greenhouse. Cress is so easy to grow and gives the grower such a sense of achievement. I still like a pencil and lined paper even though I can use Microsoft Word a little bit. The notebook will be well used for my story ideas among other things."


Pictures of the cress grown by our Well Together client

Well Together is a project that can help with lots of different aspects of physical and mental wellbeing, for more information or find out how to get involved contact our Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, Leah or call 0191 341 0033.