Bryne has been coming to Meadow Well Connected for nearly a year now during which time he has worked with Wise Steps, Positive Pathways and used our IT suite. With support from staff right across the organisation Bryne has been able to access the right programmes to help him progress towards some realistic goals.

Bryne has been on several group excursions including trips to Blackpool and Beamish museum with our Positive Pathways group. He has enjoyed these immensely and they have helped him with isolation and given him the opportunity to mix with other people and make friends.

When lockdown occurred, Bryne was left feeling completely isolated and struggled to connect with the outside world. Through the help of Meadow Well Connected, Bryne was able to get a tablet and some data. This in turn helped him to connect with others, learn about social media and the internet and even fly on a virtual plane all the way to New York! This helped immensely with his wellbeing and the general state of his health.

Bryne received a Wise Steps wellbeing activity pack of quiz books, puzzles and word searches posted out to him to alleviate the boredom of being stuck indoors.

During the lockdown Bryne struggled to get food and with the support of the Bay Foodbank he was able to receive food packages that really made a difference, especially over Easter when it came with an Easter egg!

Meadow Well Connected have been working with Recyke’y’bike in Byker and Bryne is on the waiting list for a bike. We are hoping this will get him out into the sunshine for exercise and that summer feel good feeling.

He and his Coach, Ian met for a socially distanced walk at Rising Sun Country Park, helping ease his anxiety around meeting others whilst benefiting from the exercise and fresh air.

Bryne said: “I enjoyed the walk and chance to speak to someone friendly, get some fresh air and escape from my flat for a bit.”

He is also keen to start volunteering in our extensive gardens giving him more opportunities to connect with others, benefit from being outdoors and enjoy growing plants and produce.