Stuart joined the Wise Steps programme, through Meadow Well Connected, just as the lockdown was being implemented. Despite the fact that all of the support he has received was given remotely, he has shown great signs of commitment and has fully engaged with the specialist support he has received.

One main barrier for Stuart was his lack of connectivity. In order to help him engage better with the programme and boost his well-being, we were able to source a second-hand mobile phone and, through an initiative called DevicesDotNow, provide him with a data enabled tablet. This  meant that, for the first time in many years, he was able to access the internet and connect with family and friends. By addressing this barrier, the Meadow Well Connected team have been enabled Stuart to participate in 1-2-1s via zoom chats and his phone.

Stuart is still working with the Wise Steps programme and has received some great service from our partners, with Toby from Leonard Cheshire helping him with his IT skills; and Sarah from Citizens Advice supporting him with financial advice and guidance. He has also been able to spend some time volunteering with a previous Wise Steps participant in our extensive gardens, meeting other volunteers and benefitting from spending productive time outdoors.

We all wish Stuart the best of luck with the rest of his Journey on Wise Steps and we hope to hear that he's been able to move in to employment in the not so distant future!