Our Positive Pathways group meets each Tuesday morning at 10am to make friends, try new things and have fun. The group is very friendly and have tried lots of different activities and trips since they started in 2018. They've visited Minsteracres to learn about mindfulness and other holistic therapies. They've joined together with our Connected Kids Club for summer holiday trips to local beauty spots. They've tried cooking, cooking, sewing, bingo, line dancing and even had a Spanish lesson thanks to a volunteer from TLW Solicitors.


TLW Solicitors  provide support to the group to cover the costs of some of their trips and activities but the decision as to what to do is down to the group themselves. A particular favourite is a competitive round of the Alphabet Game which is always fun. The group are open to anyone regardless of age or ability. Tommy the Tiger joins the group on all their activities and has loads of fun and cake!

To find out more contact our Community Development Coordinator Sarah on 07869 774169 or email [email protected]