We've launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to transform the neglected area behind our ball court and we'd love your help to support this.

In the past, this area was intended to be a space for young people to enjoy but over the years it has been over-looked and been a focus of vandalism and arson. We believe that if we can make our spaces pleasant places for people to enjoy this will be appreciated and encourage people to take care of them. 

We've made great progress across much of our other green spaces so it's time to turn our attention to this area to create a picnic area, small play equipment, basketball hoops, painting the ball court lines and goal posts.

If we can get sufficient backers to the project we may qualify for some matched funding from North of Tyne Combined Authority.

Your can read more about the project here.

If you can't make a donation you can support the project by liking and sharing it with your friends and family.