We wanted to create a new outdoor space for its activities as lockdown restrictions ease.

We also needed to relocate a large shipping container, used by its joinery workshop for the storage of wood, due to our neighbours The BAY Foodbank requiring more space. However, the proposed area for the container was uneven, overgrown and strewn with large rocks.

In response, Capita made a £1,000 donation to enable us buy a hand-made awning from local company Curious Tent Hire, providing a covered space for many of the groups we support to safely meet outdoors. These include garden volunteers and wellbeing groups - during the summer holidays the awning will also provide shelter for children’s summer holiday activities.

Meanwhile, Capita’s Construction team created space for the shipping container. Over the course of just one day, they cleared the area, levelled the ground, laid a base foundation for the container and constructed a connecting path to it.

Mandi Cresswell, Chief Officer at Meadow Well Connected, said:

“We are so grateful to Capita for their help, we’ve been operating with reduced staff and there’s no way we would have been able to prepare the land in time for the container on our own.

We have big plans for the gardens and it’s great that we have so much outdoor space so we can encourage people to connect safely outside. The awning is already a huge success and we know it will be used over the summer as we run our summer holiday programme.

We can’t wait to welcome more people into our gardens and other safe spaces and we couldn’t have done this without support from Capita.”

Derek Mitchell, Project Manager for Capita’s Construction team, added: “I’m delighted we’ve been able to help Meadow Well Connected.

“The great work of some members of our Construction team meant an overgrown and unusable area was quickly transformed. Meanwhile, the new awning will enable the charity to safely resume more of its group activities, which is great news.”

In 2018 Capita and Meadow Well Connected entered into a strategic partnership which committed both organisations to a long-term relationship with each other.