We've been working with Clean Slate to support people to improve their relationship with money and help them manage their financial difficulties which in turn has improved their mental well being. Thomas took part in this programme and found it made a huge difference.

Thomas had been working successfully as a taxi driver for most of his life. When lockdown began he struggled to continue to work due to health issues requiring him to shield.

Prior to lockdown he had purchased a car for his taxi business and had been successfully paying the loan off with regular income from his  full-time work. In March 2020 as the country went into lockdown Thomas became very isolated and withdrawn suffering from lack of income, lack of support and concern about debt which saw him deteriorate rapidly until he hit rock bottom.

He could see no way out and eventually found he had no choice but to sell his car and start to claim universal credit to support himself. Selling the car didn't solve his problems though as the amount he raised didn’t cover the loan meaning Thomas had to continue to make the loan payments. As he was shielding, he was isolated from his family so lacked their support and as he was unable to make ends meet he felt desperate and anxious. 

One of our staff, Lynn, received a referral to help him from the Jobcentre, Lynn spoke to Thomas to help him with his finances, his universal credit claim and his health concerns. By giving him the courage and support he needed he was able to speak out and ask for help. He was able to stop the loan payments until his health improves, claim a more appropriate benefit (Personal Independence Payment) and get support from the Citizens Advice Bureau around debt management. He also began to address his low self-esteem and mental health issues.

Without our intervention Thomas wouldn’t have been able to make ends meet and risked eviction from his home. He was really struggling to cope with the instability in his life. Now Thomas is on the road to recovery, mentally, physically and financially. Talking really can make a difference.

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