Our Strategic Partners


Capita North Tyneside entered into a Strategic Partnership with us in 2018 and have been fantastic supporters, helping us with many practical aspects of running our organisation through pro bono advice and support; encouraging staff to volunteer and fundraise for us; and sponsoring community events.

Sage Foundation

Chris Gallon from the Sage Foundation has given a great deal of time and energy to ensuring our Strategic Partnership with them is effective. They funded our Digital Divas project to help women be more digitally connected and have recently supported the development of a Tech Hub to enable local people to learn coding and music technology. We are working with Newcastle University to co-produce the space with local people which we hope to launch by the end of 2019. 

The Energy Hub

The Energy Hub have helped us undertake an audit of the range of renewable equipment we have installed and ensure we are making best use of our energy to be cost efficient and sustainable. They have sponsored a number of events and provided support to enable us to install state of the art irrigation systems in our poly tunnels in the gardens.

Our Business Patrons

Peter McKenna and John Burn have not only chosen Meadow Well Connected as their Charity of the Year but they have agreed to act as our Business Patrons. Peter and John help promote and champion Meadow Well Connected in the business sector, encouraging other businesses to work with us in mutually beneficial partnerships. 

TLW Solicitors provide a wide range of legal services to both individuals and business clients. They work hard to deliver the best possible outcome through their professional yet personable approach. As a forward thinking, client orientated legal firm, TLW Solicitors have grown into one of the UK’s leading litigation firms.

Would you like to become a strategic partner or work collaboratively with us on a project or some other mutually beneficial way?

Call us to arrange a visit or for an initial chat, we're open to partnership working and recognise that we can achieve more by working together. Contact our Chief Officer, Mandi Cresswell on 0191 341 0099.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.