Caroline joined our Wise Steps programme in November 2020.  After losing her job in retail due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she was very disheartened and was struggling to apply for jobs.  Caroline had little digital experience such as using emails or carrying out job searches online.  She was supported by our Wise Steps Coach Alison to become more familiar with using job search engines and gain confidence with her email account.  She also had help with creating a new CV. 

Caroline applied for several retail roles online.  After having no luck, a job at ‘Home Group Ltd’ caught Caroline’s eye.  This was a customer service apprenticeship, which included on the job training as well as studying for a qualification.  As Caroline had no qualifications in customer service, but lots of experience, she decided this would be the ideal role for her. 

Alison helped Caroline with the practical side of the application such as scanning documents, as libraries were closed at this time and Caroline couldn’t access the equipment she needed.  She also gave Caroline a lot of positive encouragement as Caroline was very nervous about applying.  Caroline secured an interview and Alison supported her learn how to use Zoom, set up for the online interview and to be prepared to be her best at interview.

Caroline was thrilled when she was offered the job and despite some initial anxieties she is now a whiz on the computer and has set up her own home office.  She has received IT skills training from North Tyneside Council as well as Home Group.

Caroline says: I would never have applied for this job if it wasn’t for Wise Steps.  I have been helped every step of the way.  I can’t believe I am now working from home, full time, on a computer.  If someone had told me last year I’d be doing this I’d have never believed them.  More people should know about Wise Steps!

Caroline is well on her way to gaining her Customer Service qualification, whilst training on the job in several departments at Home Group.  Both Caroline and Alison are very proud of what Caroline has achieved over the past months.