Pauline came to Meadow Well Connected after caring for her mother for many years, who had sadly passed away, Pauline was suffering with depression and, being unemployed found herself part of a system that was overwhelming and confusing.

“I was not in a good place” said Pauline. “My confidence was at an all-time low.”

Pauline was very nervous coming in to the centre at first, but found the staff and volunteers welcoming and caring. During the following weeks, Pauline accessed a range of services offered by Meadow Well Connected and its partners, such as Remploy. It was during this time she was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. "The diagnosis changed everything. All my life I thought I was not as bright as everyone else and could only do the most basic of jobs. Then I realised my brain is wired differently.“

Slowly, over the next few months, Pauline’s confidence grew and she became involved in lots of different activities including volunteering within the Digital suite, working in the gardens and joining the Digital Divas group. “I have been touched with the faith people have had in me” she said. Pauline is now taking adult education classes in English and Maths, has been employed as an IT assistant within the centre, and has now secured employment in a local pub. Pauline said. “I’m a changed person, and can’t recognise who I was just a a short while ago."

“Walking through the doors of Meadow Well Connected has saved my life”