Help us raise £2,500 to repair vandal damage

Over the last few months our staff, volunteers and clients have been working so hard to improve the raised beds and paths in our main poly-tunnel on our community garden. We were so disappointed to come into the gardens on the morning of 29th May to discover extensive damage to the poly-tunnel with large holes in the sides, onion plants ripped from the soil and other tools and equipment strewn around the area.

The matter has been reported to the police and we hope to have CCTV coverage of the culprits but regardless of whether we catch them we do need to raise sufficient funds to purchase a new plastic cover and improve the security on the entrance.

Any donation would be welcomed to help cover the costs of these repairs.

We were particularly saddened to hear the impact this most recent incident of vandalism had on one of our Thrive Day Care clients, Wayne who said:

"Why do they keep doing this, what can we do to stop them, it's just not fair when we've all worked so hard that they come along and spoil it. I came in today in a good mood and now I feel really sad and upset"

Fantastic News!

Port of Tyne have offered to match any funding we raise up to £1,250 to help us reach our target faster, so for every £1 you give we get £1 from Port of Tyne. Please help us reach our target for we can get the repairs completed.