Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change is our day care for people with additional needs who want to have meaningful experiences in a warm, friendly and supportive work environment.

Our staff respect that everyone’s ability is different and there is a need for choice and control to enable people to develop their independence through a wide and varied range of activities. It is our goal to improve choice and control, and the ability to develop potential so people can flourish in a safe and realistic work setting.

The project activities take place in our five-acre gardens and our barn joinery eight-bench workshop, developing joinery and horticulture skills, beekeeping and enterprise development.

What can you gain from Seeds of Change?

Is Seeds of Change the right choice?

Contact us to have a go and see what you think 

We offer taster days to give potential clients’ and their families a sense of what it is like to be part of the project, what activities they can engage with and how they will get along with one another to form collaborative ways of working.

Everything we do is designed to grow independence of thinking and being.  If a day is too long then we’re happy to offer a mini-tour.

Helen Collins (Day Care Lead)

T: 0191 341 0033




Volunteering keeps me active at the grand old age of 82.
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